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Alphabet Puzzle

Alphabet Puzzles

Draw the Alphabet Letters


Learn the BIG WORDS
of "My Adventures in Alphabetland"

Starting with the Letter A, the first player looks for a Letter A on road signs and building signs. When this player sees the Letter A, he or she points to it and says “Letter A” out loud. 


The next player must find the next letter of the alphabet - Letter B. When a Letter B is found, he or she points to it and says “Letter B” out loud. 


Play continues until all of the letter of the alphabet are found.

Everyone Wins!  

Car Game

Alphabet Facts

The English word alphabet comes from the names of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet:
alpha and beta.


The most used letter in the alphabet is Letter e


The least used letter in the alphabet is Letter z.


About 100 languages use the same alphabet.


This sentence uses every letter of the alphabet:
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


The letters A and I can also be words.


W is the only letter in the alphabet that has 3 syllables.

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